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  You are interested in my principles and ideas
  of an efficient cooperation and would like to
  know how I ensure the quality of my work?

  On this page, you can get some ideas of my  
  workstyle and my concepts of work.
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Not only what you say is important but also the way you say it

Language is essential. Language does not only communicate mere contents but also – above all between the lines – your appreciation of your customers’ projects. The better, more precisely and more meticulously something is worded, the more impression, importance and credibility your text will have for your specific business targets.

The language smithy

I like to compare my work with the work of a black smith who shoes his customers’ horses.
As soon as a horseshoe becomes loose, it is readjusted. In the same fashion, my language services are individually tailored to your requirements and your target group.

If necessary, I review, adjust and research texts for a new context or a new target group and discuss my provisional results with you, if you should wish me to – as long as everything fits perfectly.  

Efficiency by focusing

For you, I fully concentrate on my tasks. I prepare, compare, research, translate and review for you. I have preliminary discussion and consultations with you and keep track on things.

You can concentrate on other things and therefore can invest more time in your subject and attain even better results.

Consolidation things

In order to provide the best quality support for you, it is essential that you let me have your already existing glossaries, similar documents, materials and background information. In the best of cases, you inform me precisely of your concerns and wishes in view of the project which you assign to me. That way, our cooperation will lead to very good results.

Quality as first bid

My quality assurance is, on the one hand, based on my meticulous work style and intensive proof reading of my own translations or review of other services I provide.

On the other hand, my order processing is geared to the quality standard for translation services DIN EN 15038. In cases of any doubts of German orthography, I follow the recommendations of the current Duden edition.

I thoroughly research complex subjects and terms. If necessary, I confer with my customers and consult peers.

Of course, I follow the rules of professional conduct of the federal association of interpreters and translators in Hesse.

Last but not least I follow economic and political events and developments, regularly attend technical seminars and keep up to date by the exchanging with colleagues and attending regional meetings with members of the federal association of interpreters and translators in Hesse.